Monday, 19 February 2018

Evie's fantastic Recount of our swimming experience at Aquagym last week

Aquagym February 2018

It was 11:00am and time to start our Aquagym adventure. We grabbed our swimming bags and walked out onto the bus. I sat next to Zena my best friend.
Then Otakāro 2 came onto the bus. We zoomed off at high speed racing toward the highway.
Once we had reached Aquagym,we got off the bus and walked into the building.
The first thing I heard was a cloud of noise. Adults, children, babies and teachers were all talking, VERY loudly!!! I covered my ears as we walked into the changing rooms.
Once I had changed into my togs and packed my bag I walked out of the changing rooms and up to my teacher. After she put my swimming cap on, she told me that I was swimming with the year 5’s and 6’s in the main pool instead of the little pool with the year 3’s and 4’s. Being a year 4, I was very proud.
I got into the main pool which was VERY, VERY cold. It was also VERY, VERY deep. Our swimming instructor told us to swim to the end of the pool, doing freestyle. So we did.

 At Aquagym we learnt how to curl our toes while swimming which helps our speed and balance.
By then I was STARVING.
Luckily lunch was right after Aquagym. When we got out of the pool and changed into my school uniform we got bacl on the busand went back to school. ( very quickly). I felt proud, happy and exhausted. I did the same thing for a whole week.
I think Aqua gym is awesome and I can’t wait to go again next year.

By Evie 

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