Saturday, 17 February 2018

Home Learning Week 4

Kahikatea Hub Home Learning  
☺​Term 1 Week 4 2018​☺    
Notes and Reminders 

Well done! We all survived our first full week back at school. It was a fantastic week of swimming at AquaGym last week. The children certainly learnt a lot working with the experienced instructors who really focused on the specific skills for their age and stage. All of the children showed great progress and increased confidence in the water. 


This week the children start the spelling component of our home learning sheet. They children have written in either 5 or 10 words to learn this week. The words are specific to their group and are the result of our testing last week on their knowledge of the essential spelling lists 1-6. There is still some testing for a few children being completed this week. For those children, we have given you list 7 to complete the testing at home during the next week.  Thank you for your help with this. 
School Swimming 

We will not be able to have school swimming this week apart from Thursday as the Junior school are having their Aquagym lessons on site here at school. 

It was great last week on Tuesday afternoon to visit 
our new library space. The children enjoyed exploring the library, looking for new books and finding a wee nook to tuck away and just read with a friend or by themselves. Thank you also to  those lovely parents who could pop down and assist their homebase classroom to explore the library and listen to children read. We are looking forward to when we are able to take books home for the week. 

Writing: Photos- For the Children’s Autobiographies 
Just a reminder to keep those photos of your 
child/children  coming in (at varying ages)  for writing this week. We are happy to print them off at school, so just flick them through on an email. 

Have a great week 

Jane, Trish and Fiona 

Recreational Reading 
Record how long you have read at home today. 
Draw a smiley face in the box.  

10 mins 
15 mins 
20 mins 
20 mins + 




My Spelling Words 
Challenge: Look up the meaning of your words and 
write them in your home learning book? 


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