Saturday, 10 February 2018

Hub Newsletter Week 3 Term 1

Hub News
Wow what a fabulous turnout we had at our ‘Information Evening’ last Wednesday. Over the last week and half, we have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming and meeting new families to our hub, as well as catching up with families from our previous year. Kahikatea is so lucky to have such a supportive bunch of parents and caregivers that care about their child’s education!

As you are probably aware AquaGym will be the priority for the week. Due to K1, K2 and K3
leaving school at different times throughout the morning, there will be no reading this week.
However, children will have a poem each day Monday through to Thursday. This will be a great opportunity for you to read to or with your child. If you have a book at home they are reading, they are most welcome to read this and record it in the ‘Recreational Reading’ table.
Please check that your child has their swimming gear each day (swimming togs, towel, goggles
and rash tops (if applicable) or cap (not compulsory)) in a swimming bag or plastic bag. It might
be a good idea to make sure that all belongings are named too so they don’t get lost, including
their school uniform. Can you please make sure that the children have an extra big lunch this
AquaGym Times

Leave School
Leave AquaGym
back to school

In Year three and four children have the opportunity to join our school BYOD initiative and bring along their own iPad/tablet or laptop. A BYOD permission form must be signed first, before children can start using the device at school. Forms can be collected from your homebase teacher.
Devices will be used to support the classroom programme. These are one of many resources
available to support children's learning and devices will be used when it is the most suitable tool
for the task. 

It would be useful if devices had the following free apps installed:
- google chrome      - shadow puppet (edu)
- thing link                  -QR code scanner
- matific
- iMovie (free on most iOS devices although may cost on some due to apple changing
their system)

Children's devices will be signed into 'Linewize' our school filtering and monitoring management

Children will have a St Albans school email address following the formula - first name first letter of e.g.,

Children will be told their password. Parents can access this information via star.

This initiative is not compulsory and those children that don’t bring a device are able to use the
school ones instead. 

Kahikatea Contact List
If you wish to add your phone number or email address to the hub list for play dates, we will leave
a piece of paper in each homebase for you to fill in. At the end of week 4, we will photocopy a
list for each family to have at home.   
This week we will begin testing children on the essential words. We hope to have our spelling
programme up and running in week 4.            

Have a fantastic week and please do ask if you have any questions.
Jane, Trish and Fiona

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