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These cards help use remember what we have to do in Philosophy
The look and listen cards reminds us to look and listen to the person who is talking.
The because card reminds us to give reasons for our opinions.
The piggyback card reminds us to extend on somebody else's idea.

‘Is it easy, hard or impossible to be friends with……

As a warm up we talked about who makes a good friend. We had to
remember not to choose someone in our home class.
Here are some examples.....

Sam is my friend because he plays with me nicely and asks if I am alright
when I am hurt. Joey

Charlie is my friend because he is funny and I like the way he treats me.
He enjoys playing with me too. Luca

Issy is my friend because she is sensible and she plays with me. We were
best friends at pre school?

We were then given a picture with a partner and had to decide what heading
to put it under. However, we had to give a reason for our opinion using the
word because. Some people did not agree with what heading we put the
picture under and they gave their opinion why. It made for a great
discussion, especially because there are no right or wrong answers in
Philosophy and the teacher was not in charge of the conversation. Here are
some examples of what we did....  

Easy to Be Friends with
Teacher: It’s easy to be friends with a teacher because they teach you each
day. Kaitlyn and Romilly

Dog: It is easy to be friends with a dog because you can play with it. Uike

Harder to be friends with
Deaf person: It would be harder to be friends with a deaf person because he
would use sign language to communicate and you might not know sign
language. However, he could have hearing aids. Rebeca, Fern and Sharna

Chinese Person: It would be harder to be friends with a Chinese person
because you don't know the language, but if you knew the language
it would be easier. Angelic

Impossible to be friends with
Queen: It would be impossible to be friends with the queen because
you can’t just walk into the palace because you have to get past the guards.
Bonnie and Sienna

Alien: It would be impossible to be friends with an alien because it is not
alive and there are no such things as aliens. Sam

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