Saturday, 24 March 2018

Go Noodle Fitness

Totara and Kahikatea hub have all been enjoying coming together each Thursday morning to do 'Go Noodle' fitness in the hall before maths for the day. The site is free for all, just click on 'Go Noodle' to sign up. It might be a great activity for one of those wet, rainy days when you are at home!

Monday, 19 March 2018

World Down Syndrome Day

Lots of Socks for World Down Syndrome Day

TOMORROW 21st March 2018

Children are encouraged to wear odd socks with their school uniform for World Down Syndrome Day tomorrow. 

Please bring a gold coin donation if you can to support the day. 

Why Wear Odd Socks for World Down Syndrome Day?

This is because all over the world people are going to be wearing non matching socks for ‘World Down Syndrome Day’. This is to show that people with Down syndrome are different but the same. 'None of us like feeling left out and people with Down syndrome are no exception so reach out and get to know the person not the condition.'

An odd pair of socks may be a different pattern or colour but can still be work together quite happily if we change our attitude about having to wear matching socks. 'Wearing non matching socks is to remind us that the way we think is really important and makes a difference to whether people with Down syndrome feel included or not.'

Wednesday 21st March is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We encourage you to bring a gold coin for 'Lots of Socks Day'. School councillors will collect the money from the home bases after the roll.

Week 8 already!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Our Big Backyard

This afternoon Jeremy (Jacob's Dad) came and joined us for our Inquiry time. Last week we had a great time at Styx Mill looking for all the insects in the man made pond up at the reserve. Today Jeremy collected a bucket of water from the creek that runs beside our school field. We used some trays to see what we could find from our creek water. What we did find were a number of very very skinny small worms and some silt/dirt and a small piece of rubbish. The water was grey and we certainly noticed a huge difference from the reserve water last week. We have realised how our creek is polluted and we are looking forward to learning plenty more about this in the coming weeks.
Thanks for coming in today Jeremy.


This morning we started the day with some movement using the GoNoodle site. Both Year 3/4 hubs combined and really enjoyed ourselves. We finished with a mindfulness/relaxing song. We will continue to do this each Thursday before we head to our maths classes.

Football Festival

Today some Kahikatea girls participated in the Girls Football Festival all day. They played a number of games and scored many goals. The best part was they had so much fun. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Skye and James for organising and looking after the girls today.

Combined Hub Assembly

On Thursday K2 and T2 hosted our first combined Year 3 and 4 assembly. We enjoyed sharing some work with the other homebases. Well done to the MC's and all the certificate winners.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Sketching Half A Face

The Kahikatea Hub all enjoyed sketching half their face from the photo provided. This was a great opportunity to talk about what symmetrical means as well as looking at the positioning of our facial features. We also experimented with shading of the pencil too.

Kahikatea 1 Exploring Styx Mill

What a wet but fantastic trip to the Styx Mill reserve of Friday for Kahikatea 1.
Thank you to Pete our host from Environment Canterbury for taking us on a great walk through the reserve. The children huddled under a tree when it was wet and then explored the many water trays prepared for them. Investigating using magnifying glasses the treasures within. The children also got to collect there own sieve's full of tiny animals from the water ways to investigate.
A great big thank -you to the hearty group of parents and grandparents who accompanied us.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Week 6 Newsletter

Notes and Reminders
Congratulations to all the year 4 children that took part in the School Swimming Sports on Monday.  
They certainly made us proud!

Styx Mill Freshwater Frolicking
Thank you to all the parents and caregivers that have offered to help on our school trip to Styx Mill
Reserve this week. We wouldn’t be able to go on these trips without your support. Your homebase
teacher has emailed you with the time that they would like you to met them in their homebase
space, before heading to the bus on the day of their trip.

The children are able to wear sensible mufti for the day.

• Shorts/pants
• Walking shoes
• Warm jersey
• Jacket and gumboots (if wet)

Note: If wet the trip will still go ahead.
Jane and Fiona’s homebase will have lunch before they go.

School Standardised Testing
This week we will be completing listening, reading and maths standardised assessments in our
hub. The children will be working in year level groups for these assessments. These have been
timetabled in around an already busy week. Therefore, children may not bring a reading book
home to read. This will be a great opportunity for you to read to or with your child. If you have a
book at home that they are reading, they are most welcome to read this and record it in the
‘Recreational Reading’ table.

Library Books
On a Tuesday, the children are now able to take a book home for the week. Books need to be
returned the following Tuesday. However, if a child would like to have the book for an extra
week the book can be reissued for them.

School Swimming
Swimming has finished for term one.

Life Ed Van Parent Visit
We have the ‘Life Education’ van in our school on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 March for Tui
hub. Our sessions for Kahikatea is not until the 19 and 20 March. However, the van will be open
to all  parents and caregivers on Wednesday 7 March from 8.45am until 9.15am. This will enable
you to see what they educate your child and the programmes that they run.  

Have a great week

Jane, Trish and Fiona



Please support the senior camps this year and buy your hot cross buns through school - gather orders from friends and family!

Traditional or Chocolate, $4 for a pack of 6. 
Orders can be placed at the cafē or office.
Please place your order by Monday March 26th for delivery at school, 3pm,Thursday 29th March - in time for Easter.  
All funds raised will go towards subsidising the senior camp costs this year.