Monday, 19 March 2018

World Down Syndrome Day

Lots of Socks for World Down Syndrome Day

TOMORROW 21st March 2018

Children are encouraged to wear odd socks with their school uniform for World Down Syndrome Day tomorrow. 

Please bring a gold coin donation if you can to support the day. 

Why Wear Odd Socks for World Down Syndrome Day?

This is because all over the world people are going to be wearing non matching socks for ‘World Down Syndrome Day’. This is to show that people with Down syndrome are different but the same. 'None of us like feeling left out and people with Down syndrome are no exception so reach out and get to know the person not the condition.'

An odd pair of socks may be a different pattern or colour but can still be work together quite happily if we change our attitude about having to wear matching socks. 'Wearing non matching socks is to remind us that the way we think is really important and makes a difference to whether people with Down syndrome feel included or not.'

Wednesday 21st March is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. We encourage you to bring a gold coin for 'Lots of Socks Day'. School councillors will collect the money from the home bases after the roll.

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