Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Kahikatea Hub Home Learning Week 9

Kahikatea Hub Home Learning
Term 2 Week 9 2018
https://2018kahikatea.blogspot.co.nz             Last week was another busy and exciting time in Kahikatea. Kim Collie-Mazur popped in on Tuesday afternoon to share with us all of the exciting recreational and educational opportunities available to us at our community libraries. A great reminder to us all to check them out in the school holidays.
On Friday we had Julia and her beagle Archie a sniffer dog from the Christchurch Airport come and talk to us about her exciting job helping prevent fruit and stink-fly from entering NZ. We were impressed with the way he found the fruit and flowers we had hidden in the room. We look forward to seeing them in action next time we are at the airport
Important Dates to remember
Parent teacher conferences: Week 10:  Please book for either the 4th or 5th of July if you have not done so yet.
Thursday 5th July : will be an early closing of 2:00pm to allow for parent teacher conferences.

Teacher Union meeting is being held this Tuesday 26th of June 12:30 pm
Your child is either attending Oscar, remaining or being collected early.
Thank you in advance for for your support.
Also if you have any newspaper or wool we are desperately seeking both for a couple of arts and crafts projects we have coming up.

Thanks very much, keep warm.
Jane, Trish and Fiona

Recreational Reading
Record how long you have read at home today.
Draw a smiley face in the box.
10 mins
15 mins
20 mins
20 mins +

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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Bees Bees Bees

Throughout the last couple of weeks we have been fascinated about bees. To begin our inquiry, we wrote down our prior knowledge and wonderings. Here are a few examples of what we wrote...

Prior Knowledge

Bees make nests called beehives. Tom
Bees are insects. Amelia
There is only one queen bee in a beehive. Sharna
Bee stingers are very strong. Luca
Queen bees spend all their life laying eggs. Hannah
Bees only have one stinger. Sienna
You cannot live without bees, trees or flowers. Bonnie
Bees have hairs along their bodies. Harry
Bees are farmed for honey. Josh
Bees are important to have in NZ. Angelic
A bee stinger is at the end of the abdomen. Royden
When a bee gets annoyed you get stung. Uike


How big can a queen bee get? Amelia
Why do they have yellow and black stripes along their bodies? Harry
What is a bees predator in NZ? Hannah
How do they make the buzzing sound? Fern
How big are beehives? Bonnie
How do bees make honeycomb? Tom
What do queen bees do all day? Sam
How do bees know what is dangerous or not? Declan
How many bee dancers are there? Josh
How do bees make a hive? Luca
How long does it take to make honey? Royden
How many bees can fit in a beehive? Joey
Why do bees sting people? Sienna
Do bees sleep in the winter? Kaitlyn
How many different bees are there in NZ? Antonio
Why do bees make honey? Nina
Can a bee survive without food or water for a week? Romilly
How do bees help us in our community? Angelic

We have been gaining lots of knowledge about bees through our reading classes and learning about the parts of a bee and life cycle. The utube clips on the bee page of our website have been very helpful too. Take some time to have a listen to some of the clips.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

A huge thank you to Julia for coming into Kahikatea Hub today to talk to us about her job at the Christchurch Airport and how important it is not to bring food, fruit, and plants from another country into New Zealand as it is dangerous to our fruit crops and animal farmers.

Julia and Archie he sniffer Beagle come to visit Kahikatea

Monday, 18 June 2018

Today we had a visit from Paula from St Johns. Paula shared with us some very helpful basic first aid skills for cuts, nose bleeds and accidents around the home..

Friday, 15 June 2018

Ignition For Our Bee Inquiry

For the last part of the term and beginning of term 3, we are taking a different slant with ‘Community Agencies’ and are now looking at ‘How Bees Work As A Community’. We were incredibly lucky that Neave’s next door neighbour has hives and Duncan the beekeeper came into talk to the children on Friday afternoon to ignite our inquiry.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Whole School Assembly

Tino kino te pai Kahikatea tamariki! Today we hosted the first whole school assembly and you out did yourselves. All the practise and excitement certainly paid off. We are very proud of you all.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Our Fire Fighters Inquiry

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Together the children we  been looking at how Firefighters and the Police help us in the community. Now they are starting their own new Inquiry projects about a community agency they are interested in exploring more.

Home Learning Week 6

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Inquiry Time - Community Agencies

We have been extremely lucky over the past few weeks to have some of our whanau come in and talk about the role they do within our community. We have all thoroughly enjoyed their talks and listening to them share their expertise in their chosen role. Thank you all so much for giving up your time to talk with us.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Congratulations Sienna

Congratulations to Sienna in K3 for coming 2 in New Zealand at her Dance Competition on Friday. We are incredibly proud of you! We look forward to you sharing your dance routine with us next week.

Mainland Football

We are extremely lucky that every Thursday afternoon until the end of the term, Mainland Football are coming into teach Kahikatea soccer skills. Last week was our first session.