Saturday, 23 June 2018

Bees Bees Bees

Throughout the last couple of weeks we have been fascinated about bees. To begin our inquiry, we wrote down our prior knowledge and wonderings. Here are a few examples of what we wrote...

Prior Knowledge

Bees make nests called beehives. Tom
Bees are insects. Amelia
There is only one queen bee in a beehive. Sharna
Bee stingers are very strong. Luca
Queen bees spend all their life laying eggs. Hannah
Bees only have one stinger. Sienna
You cannot live without bees, trees or flowers. Bonnie
Bees have hairs along their bodies. Harry
Bees are farmed for honey. Josh
Bees are important to have in NZ. Angelic
A bee stinger is at the end of the abdomen. Royden
When a bee gets annoyed you get stung. Uike


How big can a queen bee get? Amelia
Why do they have yellow and black stripes along their bodies? Harry
What is a bees predator in NZ? Hannah
How do they make the buzzing sound? Fern
How big are beehives? Bonnie
How do bees make honeycomb? Tom
What do queen bees do all day? Sam
How do bees know what is dangerous or not? Declan
How many bee dancers are there? Josh
How do bees make a hive? Luca
How long does it take to make honey? Royden
How many bees can fit in a beehive? Joey
Why do bees sting people? Sienna
Do bees sleep in the winter? Kaitlyn
How many different bees are there in NZ? Antonio
Why do bees make honey? Nina
Can a bee survive without food or water for a week? Romilly
How do bees help us in our community? Angelic

We have been gaining lots of knowledge about bees through our reading classes and learning about the parts of a bee and life cycle. The utube clips on the bee page of our website have been very helpful too. Take some time to have a listen to some of the clips.

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